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 My name is Brad Wilhelm, owner of Wilhelm K-9 Services. I'm here to help you realize the potential of your relationship with your pet. I love dogs and have dedicated my life to learning how to give them the best life possible through a balance of exercise, discipline, and affection. Training is the best investment you can make in your relationship with your dog. What sets me apart from other trainers is the focus I place on meeting the physical and psychological needs of your dog. When these needs are fulfilled you will realize a level of calm, purpose, and respect from your pet that you may have never imagined. 

Dogs are not born with the instincts required for our domestic world, they require guidance. I'm here to provide that guidance, I'm here to teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way he or she can clearly understand.


Brad did an amazing job training my dog (1 year old german shepherd) ...and me. He loves dogs and it shows from the first moment. We went with his board & train program. Brad sent me videos and pictures each day to show me the progress my dog was making. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog in Brad's care. Thank you Brad! I can now take my dog anywhere and know that he will be well behaved and follow my instructions.

-Nick C.

Thanks to Brad, we have hope that we can live in peace and harmony with our awesome, but very challenging, dogs Pickles and Wrigley. He spent about an hour with my son and me about six months ago and another hour yesterday, with the addition of my husband which I believe was very important. Pretty sure we needed more training than the dogs. Today, I finally had a calm walk with both dogs. No pulling, no barking, and no issues with other dogs along the route. Thank you, Brad!!

-Kelly S.L.

Brad is the best! Thanks to him Levi & I can graduate from the “midnight walkers club”. To put it in perspective when on walks Levi would go absolutely crazy when confronted with anything that moved (especially bicycles). It was like he was possessed. In the first ½ hour of working with Brad he had Levi trotting beside his bicycle. What a sight! I’ve used trainers & behaviorists & no one could get results like Brad. Thank you Lisa owner of Elite Canine Daycare & Spa in San Ramon for connecting me with Brad. Levi & I are looking forward to his return to the Bay Area.

-Jennifer O.

Brad is a dog behavior guru! We have a challenging large puppy and we needed help with getting Max socialized. Brad kept Max for a week and gave him dedicated training that has been the best possible thing for Max, us and our other dogs. He sent us daily updates and is always available for questions. He obviously wants the best for the dogs and families he helps! We have a peaceful obedient pack now thanks to Brad!

-Cyndi P.H.

Brad did a great job working with my 5 year old American Bulldog mix! My dog had never been off leash and Brad had him off leash on a hike with 6 other dogs, and coming back to us on command.

-Haley G.

Brad is one of the few people/trainers that my dog, Maximus will allow to pet him. Brad is a great person and trainer.

-Tracie R.P.

With the great instruction from Brad and Suki, they have been able to make my Weimeraner Louis a perfect gentleman when on or off the lead. We really appreciated his attitude and training methods and would highly recommend his services. Thank you Brad.

-Craig B.

Brad helped train our Coonhound Tripp and us tremendously! Tripp needed to be desensitized to loud noises, cars, and especially bikes. It only took two sessions!!  He also helped us with when people came into our house how to keep all 3 dogs under control which was becoming quite chaotic! He had us all happy & under control in under an hour!
This has been my first experience with a dog trainer and we will never use anyone other than Brad!

-Crissy B.Y.


-Philip D.

Brad is a very gifted trainer! I have never seen such dramatic results so quickly! The best!!

-Elyse G.

Brad has been working with a few of our client's dogs and I am blown away by how quickly he achieves results. It is truly amazing. The pack walks are a great experience and it's incredible to see once dog-aggressive dogs walking calmly and happily with other dogs. We are looking forward to Brad's return and future training excursions!

-Lisa H.

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