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Q- How long have you been training dogs?

A- 30 years, since I was 10 years old.


Q- What got you interested in dog training?

A- I have had a dog next to me since the day I was born. My first memories of dog training are when I was a child beginning with the family dog. I always felt a strong bond with the dogs and always wondered how they think and what motivates them. When I bought my first Rottweiler I was forced to get serious about training and realized I had a gift for it.


Q- What sets you apart from other trainers?

A- I believe my gift for transferring information and ideas to pet owners in a context that is easy to understand and implement. Once you understand how to "speak dog" the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

A dog trainer is a combination of experience, knowledge, and aptitude. I have 30 plus years in training dogs, studied under dozens of accomplished trainers in many disciplines, and all who have worked with me would agree I have gift with dogs. 


Q- What training methods do you use?

A- All of them. Dog training is an art form and each dog is different. I listen to the dogs needs and determine the best approach for each individual dog and owner. I talk with each owner about the methods to be sure they are comfortable with my approach before we begin training.


Q- Do you use "punishment training"

A- Punishment is not training, it is barbaric.


Q- What types of training can we do?

A- The training we can do with your pet is only limited by our imagination. Leash manners, interaction with humans and other dogs, manners in the car, advanced obedience, competive obedience, scent tracking/search and rescue, service dog training. protection training, show ring training, swimming with your dog, biking with your dog, etc.


Q- Do you specialize in any specific area?

A- I feel I have a gift for the dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs or people and also with very fearful dogs. These are the dogs that are normally candidates for the Train and Board program where the dog lives with me and goes everywhere with me.


Q- What areas do you serve?

A- I am currently based in the East San Francisco Bay area and frequently have appointments in Los Angeles and Phoenix, Arizona. I am willing to travel anywhere for a new dog behavior adventure. 

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